Preparing the Child for Life.


Where Your Children Learn The Values and Skills To Become Responsible, Respectful and Resourceful.



Set in a safe and beautiful environment prepared just for you and your young child, we will introduce you to activities and materials appropriate for their development and capture increasing curiosity. Caregivers will engage in conversations about how to best support the rapid growth and changing needs that take place in the first year and a half of life. Topics covered will include preparing the home, sleeping, nutrition, human development, toilet learning and so much more. We would be honored to help you introduce this world to your young child!

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16 - 33 months

Our Montessori Toddlers are encouraged to grow by engaging in practical life activities. Learning to care for themselves, the environment, and others is the foundation for early childhood development in our Toddler program. Everything in the Toddler environment is proportional to the child’s size and capabilities; giving them the opportunity to develop their independence and love for learning.

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Children’s House & Kindergarten

33 months - 6 years

Our Children’s House program gives the child freedom to choose their daily work from the materials their Guide has presented to them. This unique mixed-age classroom allows each child to learn at their own pace using materials designed to meet their development needs from the areas of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, and language.

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1st - 6th Grade

The Montessori Elementary program provides a hands-on, research-based curriculum inspiring children to follow up on materials introduced by the Guide and explore their subjects further. Because the elementary classroom is a mixed age environment, collaborative work, peer to peer learning, and mentoring become a daily practice, deepening every students level of understanding.

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ami accredited Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori created the Association Montessori International (AMI) organization to globally protect the authenticity of her educational method. Schools and teachers must be trained by an AMI training center and pass a rigorous application process to use this globally recognizable accreditation.

We are proud to be one of 13 recognized AMI schools in Minnesota and are honored to maintain the highest standards in Montessori education.