Toddler Financial Aid in Montessori

The decision to enroll your child in Montessori school is an exciting one, and we don’t want the cost of tuition to prohibit any child from receiving this valuable education.

To help offset tuition costs, there are some financial aid options for toddlers in Montessori.

WBMS Tuition Assistance

At White Bear Montessori School, we are committed to an economically diverse student body and welcome the opportunity to provide families with financial support when it is needed.

Approximately 10% of our total budget is dedicated to tuition assistance, which is funded by the school and supplemental grants from the Montessori community.

Families in need of financial assistance should contact our Head of School in February so they can complete an application by March 15. After all applications are received, our secure tuition service, SMART Tuition, provides an unbiased assessment of financial need. Then, the WBMS Executive Board of Directors reviews recommendations, applications and special circumstances prior to making their final decision.

Returning families are notified of financial awards in March/April. After those awards are accepted, awards will be made to new families. You can find the Toddler application for tuition assistance, as well as the application for the upcoming school year, here. If you are applying for tuition assistance after May, please contact us first.

Grant Funds

Grant funds are available to children younger than kindergarten whose families meet state and county economic assistance guidelines. Families can qualify for a grant in one of three ways:

  • You already receive county assistance from the county you live in

  • Currently on the wait-list to receive Childcare Assistance

  • You already receive free or reduced lunch from a public school for your child or their siblings

  • You meet the federal guidelines for economic assistance

Finances don’t have to be a barrier to your child receiving the education you envision, especially if you have multiple children in your family. If you have any questions about the financial aid options available to you, please contact the Head of School for more information.

Danielle Cloe