Montessori Teacher Credentials: What is Required to Teach in an AMI Recognized Montessori School

Feb 24, 2014 4:00:00 PM / by White Bear Montessori School posted in Standards


By choosing a Montessori school, recognized by AMI (American Montessori International) you are ensuring that your child’s teachers are both extremely skilled and highly trained.  While the adults in charge of most preschool programs certainly care about children, there is little or no consistency in the level or type of training they have received.   

Many Montessori teachers have a degree in education, and it is common for their Montessori training to be part of a Master’s in Education degree. All AMI teachers must become certified for the program they want to teach. Teachers can be trained to teach infants, primary and/or elementary. The Assistant to Infancy training prepares teachers for Parent/Infant programs, Nido programs for infants up to 16 months, and Toddler programs for children 16 -30 months. Primary training is for ages 3-6; elementary is for ages 6-12, and adolescence is for ages 12-18. AMI is recognized worldwide as the leading accrediting organization for Montessori training programs, and we are lucky to have our own world-class training center right here in Minnesota.  It’s why we have so many fantastic Montessori schools in the Twin Cities.  

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Are All Montessori Schools Alike?

Feb 17, 2014 11:48:00 AM / by White Bear Montessori School posted in AMI, Standards


If you’ve been exploring options for preschools, you may have been surprised at how often you find schools with “Montessori” as part of the name. More and more schools are using the term Montessori, even when the school is not accredited or the teachers aren’t formally trained in the Montessori method. The truth is that the word "Montessori" is not legally protected and can be used by anyone, which can be confusing to parents looking for a true Montessori education for their child.

White Bear Montessori School is accredited through the Association Montessori International (AMI), one of the two major Montessori organizations in the U.S. that recognize the authenticity of schools.  This high standard of recognition holds our program and teachers to a standard that meets or exceeds all of Dr. Maria Montessori’s core concepts for early childhood education.

So why choose an AMI school?  Because not all Montessori programs are created equal. 

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