Montessori Math Materials Prepare Kids To Love Math

Mar 2, 2015 4:30:00 PM / by Lucy posted in Parent Education, Montessori Materials, Mathematics


When we think of the way that most of us learned about addition, we think of the classic: 2+2=4. Most people think that small children need to start with small addition. Some of our first experiences with addition probably involved a chalkboard or worksheet. If any of you are like me, math was not my favorite subject, and it was a challenge for me. I vaguely understood the concepts I was taught, or managed to remember them long enough to regurgitate them onto a test, and then they left my head pretty much as quickly as they entered.

I’ll never forget how my perception of math all changed once I took the training to be a Montessori Guide. I had so many “aha moments” where I saw math concepts in a whole new way; they made so much more sense. I remember at one point thinking, “If I had only learned math this way when I was a child, I would have probably actually loved it!” It is for this reason that I love presenting the Montessori math materials to the children in my class. I love seeing the moments of clarity and understanding and the way they are able to grasp such abstract concepts after exploring with these materials. Not everyone loves math, but if you would like to learn how math is taught in the Children's House, keep reading. 

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