About Us

We are very proud of our school’s history. In 1999, White Bear Montessori became accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale, which indicates our faithfulness to the Montessori Method.

Since 1970, WBMS has been providing quality Montessori experiences for our children, utilizing the Montessori philosophy of early childhood education. We currently offer programs for:

Our school has ample indoor space for activities and parent meetings. Outdoors, we have a playground, gardening areas, and room to run or sled, all surrounded by trees and grassy spaces. Stay tuned as we upgrade our playground during the 2015 summer break.

If you would like to discover if your child is a good fit for a Montessori education, please call us (651.429.3710) or email us today to schedule a tour of our school.

WBMS is currently hiring for the positions listed here.